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About Us

Square Events was founded in 2006 by a young, keen Freemason who wanted to help Worshipful Master’s and Festival Secretaries who were too busy to invest the time needed in organising their Ladies Weekend.

Bro. Guy Mason bought a controlling share in the company in 2008. Using his 20+ years’ experience in the corporate events industry, Guy set about educating UK hotels on the benefits of hosting Masonic events and put in place strategic partnerships with venues to deliver high quality, yet competitively priced deals, delivering large savings to lodges.

As the company grew more experience was required so Matthew Devine (with at the time 15 years’ experience in organising Masonic weekends) joined as Events Manager.

The following five years saw the number of events double year-on-year, quickly making Square Events the leading Masonic events agency in the UK.

In 2012 Square Events purchased their main rival, Perfect Weekend, to become the only solely Masonic events focused agency in the UK.

With an ever expanding team Square Events remains the number one choice for finding your ideal venue, negotiating the best possible rate and package, ensuring the hotel contract is realistic and, if required, assisting you with all the finer details of organising your perfect weekend.