The reason most of our clients come to us to help with organising their Ladies Weekends is due to the savings we can make them on their events. Due to our buying power we are able to negotiate favourable rates lower than the hotel would offer direct to the general public. We organise hundreds of events a year and take a lot of the administration work away from the hotel also a lot of the hotels like the required etiquette for dealing with a Lodge and are happy for us to deal with that side.

If you are organising your own event do not be afraid to haggle. The rate quoted by the hotel can almost certainly be bettered in the first instance by discounting the rate and secondly by negotiating some additional value. Let the hotel know the rates quoted by their competition, ask if they can match or better your best rate, challenge them to throw in a drinks reception, or some complimentary upgrades at no extra cost. Most of the time a little bit of nerve provide a lot more value.

Knowledge of venues is paramount and this is something we are always happy to offer. A lot of Lodges are more than happy to organise their events themselves they just lack the knowledge of which hotels are best. We work with most UK hotels so can advise, recommend and negotiate favourable rates at these venues at no cost to the Lodge (a commission is paid by the end venue)

Please call on 01202 400855 for assistance

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