We’re onto point six of eight regarding the breakdown of your video about organising your Ladies Festival. I have apologised in the past for ‘blowing my own trumpet’ but point six recommends using an agency to assist you with the organising of your event so it’s going to be difficult not to!

The common misconception is that by using a company to assist in the organising of the event you are going to be paying more per head for the privilege. Not only is this incorrect but in most instances we can actually save you money. Due to the amount of business we are placing in UK hotels we can negotiate preferential rates and added value. Our services are paid for directly by the hotel by way of commission (which does not get added to the price the Lodge pays!).

A lot of the Lodges we deal with have a Festival Secretary who has been organising the Lodge events for longer than most can remember. The reality is he knows exactly what the Lodge require for the perfect event where he may struggle is with regards hotel/venue knowledge.  Our service can be as simple as suggesting a shortlist of venues based on the Lodge brief. We’ll put forward hotels with a proven track record of holding Lodge events and will negotiate excellent prices. At this point we are happy to step aside and let the Lodge deal directly with the hotel.

Alternatively we are finding that a lot of incoming Masters are ‘dropped in the deep end’ when it comes to organising their Ladies Festival. Booking a toastmaster, band, pianist, florist, printing company; circulating to the Lodge membership, collecting payments, designing table plans, choosing venues, menus, toasts all can be very complicated. Square Events Management can take most of the stress and strain off of your shoulders and make sure you’ll have an event you’ll remember for years to come.

Please read Freemasonry Today’s feature on Square Events and Ladies Festivals at the following link:

Freemasonry Today article

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