It’s been a busy week here at Square Events. October has always been one of the busier months when it comes to Masonic Ladies Weekends and this month has been no different. This weekend past I visited Lodges weekending at Masonic Ladies Festival Hotels in Brighton, Oxford, Ascot as well as Lodges in Bournemouth. Which made for a lot of driving especially after the weekend before when I was in Chester, Chepstow and Cheltenham.

Saturday is always a day of worry for me as I am always terrified that the phone is going to ring with a problem at one of our Ladies Festivals. Even with the most perfect planning hotels can still make mistakes and deliveries or entertainers can run late. It’s usually about 9pm before I really switch off safe in the knowledge that all the guests are suitable relaxed.

I am delighted to report that so far this year I have only had one phone call from a Lodge on the Saturday and that was to ask if the band was a three piece or a four piece (the band were listed as the Four Play Quartet on the menu and event sheets). With another four weeks until the end of our Masonic Ladies Festival season I feel the urge to touch wood but as they always say perfect planning prevents poor Ladies Festivals.

Anyway with events in Maidstone, Ascot and Bournemouth this weekend I’ll be running here, there and everywhere again. Do remember if you would like further details regarding our bespoke Ladies Weekends or Festivals please do not hesitate to give us a call or drop us a line:

01202 400855

[email protected]

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