As a Festival Secretary or President you have the responsibility of choosing the perfect Ladies Weekend location.

Is the price right?

Are the contract terms fair?

Is the hotel like it is in the pictures?

Does the hotel have experience with Masonic events?

Square Events have the answer to all these questions.

Having placed more than 1,500 Lodges over 15 years in hundreds of national hotels we have the historic knowledge, the hotel contacts, the buying power and relationships to make sure the answer to all the above questions is YES.

Following on from our initial conversation we will provide a full colour proposal detailing every single hotel in your chosen area that matches your brief. These hotels will have a proven track record of hosting Masonic events or, if you have chosen somewhere a little different, we will ensure that the hotel have all the support and event knowledge they need to make your event run smoothly.

Once you have narrowed your search, or ideally found your preferred venue, we invite you to ‘try before you buy’. Subject to hotel availability your complimentary overnight stay* will be a chance to enjoy the hotels facilities, see the function room, experience the bedrooms and meet with the events team who will ensure all the relevant information is taken.

Assuming all is satisfactory with your visit you can confirm the event safe in the knowledge you have the ideal venue.

Alternatively we can send you details of other Lodges who have confirmed events in your chosen Ladies Weekend venue and, after first checking with the Lodge in question, send you invite details for their event.

Of course sometimes life is just too busy to be able to get away to visit your chosen hotel. As a solution we are always happy to put you in touch with Festival Secretaries / Presidents who have held Ladies Festivals in the hotel before who can give you an honest appraisal of an events success.

Please read more about our services for First Time Organisers and Festival Secretaries by clicking the link or get in touch by calling 01202 400855 or emailing [email protected]

*Some venues may payment for overnight, refunded upon confirmation of event.

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