The biggest ‘barrier to business’ for us has always been the Master/Festival Secretary’s nervousness around signing a contract for the Ladies Weekend and who can blame them? We all know the fragility of support for these events, it only needs one person who brings a party of ten with them to drop out and predicted numbers go out of the window and that was is a pre-COVID world!

When we are promoting Masonic events to hotels we are always quick to highlight the difficulty in predicting numbers and thusly the trepidation contracting principals have with the draconian terms and conditions better suited to corporate events or weddings where missing numbers can be easily replaced or accounted for. For years we have fought to keep contracted numbers as low as possible reducing the risk to the Lodge.

We work closely with Almarose Hotels & Resorts (formerly known as QHotels) and they have COVID protected contracts that give you the confidence to book your Ladies weekend/festival safe in the knowledge that you can cancel up to 8 days prior to the arrival date without charge. This is currently for contracts signed this year although likely to be extended should restrictions continue.

With the ability to ‘walk away’ without penalty this gives Lodges the comfort to book events as normal hoping that things will be far improved come the date. If guests choose not to support or the situation does not improve cancellation can be made just over a week before arrival. I am sure most venues will be similarly flexible and you can rest assured that we will do all we can to ensure that your contract with your chosen venue is right for you.

Thanks to our long-term working relationship with QHotels we are able to secure excellent rates for your Ladies Weekend so please get in touch to let us have the enquiry for your next Ladies Festival. We will contact every single venue that matches your brief and provide you with a proposal with rates, availability and all information for all those sensibly priced. Simply fill in our enquiry form by clicking here and we’ll be in touch to discuss your event. Don’t forget, our service is free to the Lodge, it’s the chosen venue who pays us a commission post event.

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